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Areyksat Equestrian Association

Areyksat Equestrian Association is a group of horses owners

Areyksat Equestrian Association is a group of horses owners who proposes some trail rides in order to sustain the stable. All incomes are used for the stable managment.

 We are not professional horse riding instructors, we cannot provide lessons, we only organize trail rides.

We work with 2 local professional grooms and guides who have 3 years experience in trail rides and were trained by a professional instructor. The horses are also well trained for trail rides.

As we are not a professional stable, you accept that the activity, as any other sport, can include some risks that you take at your own responsability. We do not provide insurance, please check your own policy.

Knowing that, be sure that the ride will be organized with much care for your safety, children will always be lead by a groom walking at the horse side, beginners will never be put in unconfortable situation.


All the team will be pleased to welcome you at Areyksat stable!

Our staff

Our staff


groom and rider




Admin (volonteer)